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Monster Energy Supercross at Dodger Stadium 2012

For the 2012 Monster Energy Supercross at Dodger Stadium  I ended up with my hands on a photo vest and made the most of it, took over 2000 photos. Most of which didn’t make the cut but here are a few that did…

If you would like to purchase the rights for a photo please feel free to contact me through my Contact Form. If not then enjoy the photos! To read more about the race and what went down at Dodger Stadium, head on over to Dirt Illustrated where Dennis Cox wrote about the gnarly race.

The Unfortunate Talk of The Night…

The race itself was pretty gruesome, the previous nights rainfall made the course tacky but if you got off the track and on the plywood you were skating on ice. During the main Supercross Class race, Trey Canard was dealt the un-lucky tarot card. Two turns into the race he caught a Tuff Blox cover on his foot peg just before he went to double the long triple As he came up the face of the third jump,  Ryan Morais tripled and landed on top of Canard.

It was one of the most terrifying things that I have ever seen, Canard was down for what seemed like an eternity. The skid plate hit canard square on the top of the helmet. Both Trey and  Ryan were taken to the hospital where Canard was told that he had suffered a fractured back. “Honda reports via Twitter that a MRI showed fractures, but “Canard has 100-percent feeling in his legs, & is awaiting the decision by his doctors as to whether or not his injury requires surgery.” Morais reportedly suffered a broken jaw.

It was an unfortunate accident which put a damper on most of the cheer in the press pool. As a photographer that was there when it happened, it took the breath out of everyone.

I may be posting more photos here at a later time, If I do I will update you on Facebook and Twitter so don’t forget to follow and like me!

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